I will #GiveHer5 of
'those' days back with Saafkins.

200 is all it takes to change her life. It will give her 2 antimicrobial, reusable Saafkins. It will keep her in school during her period. It will not let her period stop her, for an entire year.

And it all starts with you.

Give her a year
Or a lifetime
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Donations open to Indian nationals only.

What is GiveHer5?

GiveHer5 is a social initiative bringing safe sanitary solutions to women in rural areas across India. We use your donations to provide Saafkins™, a reusable and affordable sanitary panty, to women that would otherwise resort to unhygienic and harmful alternatives.

Through our expansive network of corporate and NGO partners, we distribute Saafkins™, hold informative workshops, and perform critical research to ensure that women have equal opportunity to attend school and work, closing the education and income gaps caused by period poverty.

We work towards a brighter future for thousands of women across the country. With your help, we are one milestone closer to achieving gender equality.


Period poverty.
400 of 600 million women in India can’t afford sanitary protection and are forced to miss 5 days of either school or work every month. In addition to this, a lack of education about menstrual hygiene and period management causes over 88% of women to resort to unsanitised cloth, ash, husk and sand during their period.


Give them ‘those’ 5 days back. Through your donations, you can give young women across rural India the ability to attend school or work and break free from the vicious cycle of period poverty.


Engineered by Livinguard™ Technologies, Saafkins™ are an affordable alternative to sanitary pads. They are the world’s first 12-hour reusable sanitary solution.

Due to their proprietary disinfecting textile treatment, they are antimicrobial and skin safe (no chemicals, no toxins). Saafkins™ also utilise a special stain-release technology, which makes the four-layer panty easy to wash and reuse.