I will #GiveHer5 of
'those' days back with Saafkins.

200 is all it takes to change her life. It will give her 2 antimicrobial, reusable Saafkins. It will keep her in school during her period. It will not let her period stop her, for an entire year.

And it all starts with you.

Give her a year
Or a lifetime
DONATE An initiative by The Ammada Trust

Donations open to Indian nationals only.


Each donation of Rs. 200 will guarantee a set of two antimicrobial, reusable Saafkins™ to a girl in need in India. This set will #GiveHer5 for an entire year, so she doesn’t miss school or work during her period.
Your donation will be delivered to one of our NGO partners, who will place an order for Saafkins™ through Livinguard™. After receiving their order from Livinguard™ , our partners will distribute the Saafkins™ to the needy.

100% of the donations go towards purchasing Saafkins™ for girls in need in India. Every Rs. 200 has the ability to take care of a girl or woman's needs for one entire year. That is a huge difference in their lives and every donation counts!

Pick from one of our donation amounts or enter a specific amount. You will then be redirected to an online form, fill up the required details to proceed to a secure payment gateway, and complete your donation.

Donating online is the most cost-efficient channel for collecting funds, making it easier to #GiveHer5.

There is! You can also #GiveHer5 through cheque. Cheque payments in INR must be addressed to The Ammada Trust and cheques of any other currency must be addressed to The Patron Foundation.

Absolutely. We adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critical and sensitive information, such as your personal data and your dedit/crebit card details, are protected. All your personal information is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet. This guarantees that your information is inaccessible to any third party.

Donations to GiveHer5 are 50% exempt from tax under section 35AC & 80GGA of the Income Tax Act. This is valid for donations made only in India.

In the event of an erroneous donation, or if you would like to cancel your donation, please write to us within two days of submitting the donation in order to initiate the donation reversal process. Email info@giveher5.org with the subject Donation Reversal. Attach the donation receipt as proof of deduction of donation amount. Upon receiving a valid refund request, the amount will reflect in your bank account within seven working days from the date of reply.